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The Virtual Assistant Movement was created to Showcase & Support our Global Virtual Assistant Community

The Virtual Assistant Movement was founded in early 2020 and have rapidly grown ever since.

The Founder was thinking about what more the Virtual Assistant Industry needed, as there was no global 'hub' for Virtual Assistance, no space where Virtual Assistants could turn to for help, nowhere to be a part of a Globe Community of VAs, nowhere creating awareness for our Industry & no 'go-to' site for to search for a Virtual Assistant to hire or help with your own VA business.

How could we increase our Industry awareness within the general Public?
Who supports Virtual Assistants, when they're the ones providing the support (often working alone)?
Where do you go for all things Virtual Assistant?

A Movement was needed.
The Virtual Assistant Movement was created.
Our Movement continues to grows & thrive.

The Movement started on Instagram and quickly grew to 10k+ Virtual Assistants followers.
We then expanded to our website which is a great platform for Virtual Assistants and our Movement.

We strongly believe that Virtual Assistance is the way of the future, and therefore we want to help increase the awareness of not only our industry but how life changing it can be to the world, from individuals being able to start up their own small business to help others from their own homes, to businesses looking for an extra helping hand with their projects. 


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We believe in creating a home for the Virtual Assistant Industry worldwide, by providing a supportive Community environment for Virtual Assistants & contribute towards increasing the awareness of the Industry, Globally.

Floating Flowers


We will provide a home for Virtual Assistants and increase awareness of the Industry, Globally.

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To be the Global home/hub for all things Virtual Assistance.

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Grow the awareness of our Industry.

Be committed to every Virtual Assistant.

Build a Community for our Community. 

Always look ahead.