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The Virtual Assistant Movement is the global hub of Virtual Assistance


We provide a global Community for Virtual Assistants


We increase the awareness of our Virtual Assistant Industry around the world


You can now be an Official Movement Member

Play your part in our Community, for our Industry & our Movement, plus receive a wide range of awesome perks!

Our members are all Virtual Assistants & VA Industry Support businesses, that have a mutual need & want to promote their services within our Industry.  

  • Are you finding it hard to promote your business/service?

  • It's time to become an official member of our Movement. 

  • You've probably tried everything, from posting on your Social Media pages, to asking your friends & family to like your Pages. Maybe you have done some extra giveaways, but nothing seems to be working.

  • Being a member of our Movement will give you the platform to showcase your service to the world.

Join us now and get access to a number of perks including but not limited to:

VA Movement-78.png
VA Movement-77.png
VA Movement-79.png

View our full list of perks here

Search our Membership FAQs here
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