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How do I go to a different members only section?

Head to the menu on the top right hand side of the page. Here you will see a notifications bells, your logo and a dropdown arrow. Select the dropdown arrow to view the members area menu. Select the menu item you would like to view.

What do I write in the profile section?

The profile section is designed for you as a member, to add a quick blurb introducing your business. This area is viewable by members only.

What is the "Make Profile Public" used for?

Select this botton at the top of your membership, next to where your name and logo are. Selecting this button will allow you to do more within our Movement website including following other members, leave comments in the forum and more. Once you select to make your profile public, you will see your header will now show how many members follow you and how many you follow. This is for our forum areas.

In my membership account, I see a big golden header at the top of my page. Can I change this?

Absolutely, this is the same as a "cover photo" on the likes of Facebook. Click the camera icon located at the top left hand side of the golden header to change.

How can I change my profile picture?

At the top of your membership pages, you will see a round circle with your logo. Hover over this circle and a camera icon will pop up down the bottom of the circle. Select this to change your logo. Ps. this logo is what will be displayed for your listing in our directory.

What is the "My Membership" section used for?

This section will show you what your current plan with our Movement is (this will be what directory you're listed in). It will show you details on when you purchased the plan, when it expires, the status and how much you paid.

Here you can also cancel your plan (please see our disclaimer on this page and our T&Cs).

What is the "My Directory Listing" section?

This section is where you enter all the information that will be shown on your Directory listing. My Business Name: The name of your business. My Directory Details: Add a 'blurb' about yourself and your Business, so visitors can get an idea of who you are and what you do. Location: Select where you're based (this is used when the public search the Directory by country). Instagram: To add your Instagram type '@' followed by your Instagram username. Facebook: To add your Facebook type '@' followed by your Facebook username. Your Website: To add you website type 'https://www.' followed by domain name.

Can I make my profile private again?

Yes, select the 3 dots next to the "edit profile" button. Here you will see the option "make profile private".

What are the Forum Posts and Forum Comments sections for?

Here you can easily view the posts and comments your have made in our Forum, rather than having to scroll through the Forum itself.

I have seen the followers section, what is this?

The followers section, is where you can follow other members (providing their membership is "public") so you can make connections with other members.

"My Orders" whats this about?

This is for our online store, coming soon ;)

I see there is a section called "My Account", what is this used for?

The "My Account" section is where you can see your membership account details. These are records for yourself and the website admin team. You can view and edit your personal information here. Please make sure this is up to date, so we can contact you if needed.

What are the "Notifications" and "Settings" sections?

These are where you can change your Notifications options and Settings for your membership.

How do I "Logout"?

Head to the "Logout" section located in the members menu. To log back in, go back to the members menu!

How do I login?

Head to the top right hand corner of the website. Next to the main menu, you will see a menu tab called "Login". Here you can login if you're already a member, or select to join which will divert you to our joining page (which can also be found under the menu tab "Join").


I clicked onto a menu item, that tells me it's only for members only.

Yes, we have a number of sections within our website that are for members only. Examples of these being the forum and opportunity sections. To gain access, join as a member!

How do I add my business to one of the Directories?

Members of our site are shown on our Directory. To be a part of this, join as a member!

How do I contact VAM?

Head to our "About" tab, then select "Contact Us". Alternatively, email us on or DM us on Instagram or Facebook.

How did you come up with your membership prices?

After expstenive research into membership websites in general and similar, we came up with the fair price of $10 per month ($120 annually) for Virtual Assistants and $12.50 ($150 per year) for Industry Support business (more information can be found on why Industry Support members are more expensive, in oour "Join" FAQ section). We fall into the lowest membership cost bracket globally, as per the below: "44.64% of business to business (B2B) memberships charge between $25-49 per month, with 23.32%charging $50-99. 43.04% of business to consumer (B2C) memberships charge $25-$49 per month, with 22.78% charging $15-$24 per month and 21.52% charging $1 to $14 per month". (


How can I join the Forum?

Only members have access to our Forum. Join our Movement to gain access.

How can I see what Forum posts or comments I have made?

Easy! Head to your the members menu and select the tab "Forum Posts" or "Forum Comments"

Where can I find the Forum?

In the main menu, you will see the tab "Forum". Select this to view our Forum (members only!).

What is our Forum?

Our forum is a place where all members can come together and ask questions, have discussions, give tips, meet each other etc! It is a private place where members all around the world, of both membership types, can support each other and connect.


Why can't I access the "Opportunity" tab?

The "Opportunity" tab is exclussive to our members. Join as a member to gain access.


How can I join the Movement?

In our main menu bar, select the "Join" tab. Once their, decide if you are a Virtual Assistant or an Industry Support, select that plan and follow the prompts from there!

Should I join as a Virtual Assistant or Industry Support?

It is important you join under the right membership type, so you feature in the correct Directory. Join as a Virtual Assistant if you are a Virtual Assistant who takes on clients. Join as an Industry Support if you run a business that offers support to Virtual Assistants. Check out the list underneath the plan in our "Join" page, that gives a list of support businesses this inlcludes.

What payment methods do we accept?

Our payment section is through Stripe where you can use your Credit Card to make payment. This is a secure payment method. All payments are in NZD dollars.

I have a benefit request, who can I talk to about this?

Email us on or DM us on Instagram or Facebook.

I've managed to join as a member but have not paid for my membership, what do I do?

Sometimes these things can happen, and therefore you might've accidentally quit out of our payment page. You will be able to login but you won't have any access to members pages. We will need to add your membership payment to your membership. If this happens to you, please contact us on for assistance.

When I signed up, the site got stuck on a 'waiting for payment' screen and didn't take me to the payment screen.

If this happens to you, refresh your page when it is on this screen. It will take you to the payment screen.

Alternatively, if you clicked out, get in touch with us so we can make payment a different way so you can access the members areas.


Why are their two different Directories?

We have two differenet membership types, one is for Virtual Assistants and the other is for Industry Support. Depending on what kind of business you're looking for, depends on which Directory to search.


How can we find out more about Virtual Assistant Movement?

Select the "About" menu tab, this will take you to more information about our Movement.

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