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The Virtual Assistant Movement is the Global Hub of Virtual Assistance

From being listed on our Directory, to using our Community Forum, joining our Movement means you're a part of our Global Community.
The Virtual Assistant Industry can be a lonely place at times.
Often we are individuals working from home offices.

Becoming a member of the Virtual Assistant Movement allows you to be a part of our community where we support each other, offer help for those hard and lonely times, others to celebrate and share success with, discuss ideas with other like minded people and share advise, and have a sense of community and understanding between us as a group of people who are trying to make a difference to others and our own life's.

In addition to being a part of our Community, being a member comes with a number of perks:

Organized Files


You will have your own listing in our Directory that is available for the public to search worldwide



Exclusive access to our Members only area/s that will offer helpful perks to your business

Job Interview


First view of Opportunities as they come in (they will then be posted to Instagram the next day)

Image by chris liu


By joining our Movement, you help to increase the awareness of our industry throughout the world. 


Funds raised through the Movement, are spent to increase our industry awareness to the general public, world wide.
We will continue to do this by investing funds back into the Movement. From advertising of our Movement, to updating and implementing new software for our website, through to increasing perks for our members. 

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